Preparing for retirement is a life-long journey that demands solutions that can adapt to dynamic lifestyles and investment markets. That’s why our experienced team at Vivid is dedicated to serving you as a single-source provider of tax-efficient solutions, financial services and wealth management.

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Winner in 3 People’s Choice Categories

Nominations for the Des Moines Radio Group’s 2022 Des Moines People’s Choice Awards occurred from 1/9/2023 – 1/20/2023 with public voting from 2/6/2023 – 3/3/2023. Vivid Tax & Wealth Advisors was selected in the following categories: Wealth Management (18 contestants), Customer Service (46 contestants) & Financial Planner (9 contestants). Vivid Tax & Wealth Advisors did not pay to be recognized but has paid a onetime fee to use the award-winning logo for 5 years. The rating and award may not represent the experience of current or potential clients, does not imply special skill or expertise, nor guarantee future performance success or similar services. Investment advisory services are offered through Vivid Wealth Management, LLC (VWM), a Registered Investment Adviser. Insurance products and services are offered through Vivid Tax & Wealth Advisors, (VTWA), and individually licensed and appointed agents. Tax planning and preparation services are offered through Vivid Tax Center, LLC (VTC). VWM and VTWA do not provide tax or legal advice. VWM, VTWA and VTC are affiliated companies.